Quick Alignment
Data Manager
Auto Boom, Wall Mount, Lift Version & Pit Version
Simple 4-step Alignment
Ride Height Output
3 Colour Barcode
3D Alignment Illustration
Pre-loading Condition
Lift Level Compensation
Universal Wheel Bracket
Power supply 230V AC, 50Hz
Power consumption 300W (without Printer)
Power consumption for Autoboom 600W (without Printer)
FOX 3D uses high resolution scientific imaging cameras with Digital Imaging
   Technology for data acquisition.
Uses unique Align+ software with Windows OS.
Optimized design makes it most preferred Aligner considering its easy
   serviceability and affordability.
Data acquisition using high resolution scientific imaging cameras
Fox 3D Vision Based Aligner
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Geoliner 650 Gen4 3D
The geoliner 650 imaging alignment system is equipped with our basic software
package which combines the benefits of camera technology and quality at an
affordable cost. Our patented VODI Graphic Display is used with High-Definition (HD)
cameras to provide visual and directional assistance to the technician during the
alignment measuring procedure. The geoliner 650 will boost your shops productivity
by allowing technicians to do more alignments is less time compared to conven-
tional systems. (Shown with Optional Variable-Height Camera Support).
A-Arm Adjustments 
Advanced Customer Database with
Adjust Camber Only 
Adjustment Help Files 
Advanced Alignment Measurements
  with Reading/Specifications and
  Cross Values 
Aligner System Diagnostics
Backup/Restore of Calibration and
  Setup Data 
Calibration History
Caster and SAI Turntables 
Custom Vehicle Specifications 
Elevated Adjustments 
EZ-Track Database 
4-Wheel Steer Adjust
FrameCheckTM Light Truck Frame
Front & Rear Camber (-15 to +15)
Ride Height* 
SAI & Thrust Angle 
SAI Elevated 
3D Animation
Thrust Align Only 
Front and Rear Toe 
Front Caster (-28 to +28) 
Front/Rear/All/Zoom Readings
Included Angle 
Individual Camber 
Individual Caster 
Individual Toe
Initial/Final Color Print 
Integrated Help System (PDF) 
Light Truck Bushing
Live Caster, Camber and Toe
Live Caster, Camber & Toe
Meter Screens 
Multiple Clamp Support 
Multiple Lift Support (3)
Multiple Print Formats 
Multiple Units of Measure 
NorthStar Shim Program
Rear Shim Programs 
Regional Specifications 
Remote Control (Optional)
Tools, Parts, and Adjustment