Petrol & Diesel Compression Testers
Using the MOTOMETER recording compression testers the check and the
documentation of the compression pressure of an engine is comfortable and safe.

The hard-copy recording charts provide irrefutable information on engine condition
and are easily nderstood by the average vehicle owner.

To be able to measure the compression pressure of Diesel engines, engine-specific
adapters are needed, which have to be mounted between the engine and the
recording compression tester.

MOTOMETER Recording Compression Testers with quick-connect couplings for
petrol and diesel engines (set) as set in case, consisting of:

1 Recording compression tester for petrol engine 3.5-17.5 bar
1 Recording compression tester for diesel engine 10-40 bar
1 Pressure hose
3 Extensions of 70 and 140 mm, angle 70
1 Adapter for keeping available connecting adapters
2 Rubber cones with sockets
2 Packs of recording charts petrol/diesel
same set, but recording compression tester for diesel engines 10 - 60 bar.
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Diesel Adapters
straight (with screw thread and check-valve)
angled (with screw thread and check-valve)
quick-connect coupling