The standard on the car brake lathe ensures best braking performance without
vibration problems and satisfied customer. In more than 4500 work shops around
the world for over 15 years!


Machining rotors on the car is the only method to precisely compensate for lateral
  runout in the hub and bearing, a major factor in eliminating customer comebacks
  through vibration problems from pedal pulsation and noise. In addition on-car
  machining saves also time where the removal of the disc from the hub is not easy
  (hubbed rotors).
Easy operation and perfect results regarding surface finish, parallelism and lateral
  runout of the brake disc.
Less warranty complaints = higher customer satisfaction and better reputation.
Better braking performance through perfect seat and grip between pad and disc
Brake discs are machined on both sides in one operation.
Intermittent feed for a non-directional finish eliminats noise complaints
For dismounted brake discs as well as brake drums and for flywheels, the E 326a
  can also be used as a bench lathe.
Approvals and recommendations by all major car manufacturers.
E 326g - high performance lathe for brake disc diameter up to 415mm. Capable of
  working on brakes of all cars/trucks like SUV, Pick-up and high performance cars.
  High speed cutting with 120 rpm!
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Economy range On car brake disc lathe
Technical Information

Cutting unit

Maximum brake disc thickness:   40mm
Adjustment knob accuracy:         <0.02mm -<0.01mm
Feed rate:                                   8.5mm/min
Electrical specifications:              220V / 110V
Net weight:                                 11kg

Drive Unit:

Working height (min / max):         1 / 1.20m
Drive speed:                               98rpm
Electrical specifications:              220V / 110V
Weight:                                      68kg
Ambient temperature range:        -20? to 40?
Turning accuracy:                      < 0.005mm
Brake disc run out:                    < 0.005mm
Brake disc thickness variation:    0.005 - 0.01mm
Brake disc surface roughness:    Ra 1.5 - 2.0um