GB5Z Bead Booster
The Bead Booster® has turned one of the most frustrating and time consuming jobs
in the tire shop into one of the quickest and easiest. Simply fill the Bead Booster®
to the necessary pressure, aim the double barrel between the tire bead and wheel
flange, and release the manual valve in order to allow a blast of air to set the bead.

This unit will work on all light truck, RV, large truck, and some agricultural tires.
The Bead Booster® is completely portable and compact for carrying on a service
truck. The Bead Booster® features a safety pop-off valve to prevent overfilling, and a
set of goggles and earplugs for protection.

All of Gaither’s Bead Booster® tanks are ASME and fully CE approved and certified.
Tanks both coated inside and outside.
Specs: 13 kg
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