Silenced Rotary Screw Compressors : 4 - 30kW
Silenced rotary screw compressor with highly wear-resistant Poly-V belt drive.
Available also with a 200-litre tank, with or without dryer (ES).
Recommended for companies or tradesmen that require a constant supply of
compressed air, low noise levels, compact dimensions and limited operating costs.
Fini MICRO rotary screw compressors have been designed to respond to needs for
reliability and efficiency, optimizing energy consumption, operation and maintenance
costs and ease of installation and use. All of the compressor main components:
airend, intake regulator and minimum pressure valve have all been designed by
Fini. The entire production procedure is carried out in-house: design, machining,
assembly, inspection, packaging and shipment.

Efficient and ecological

New FS 14 airend guarantees energy savings of up to 15% compared to airends
with conventional rotors. Oversized drive shaft and redesigned bearing seats offer
even more performance and reliability.

Compact, complete with all accessories

The MICRO series produce compressed air in a very efficient and silent way. The
different available versions thoroughly cover all the needs of any operational demand.

Plug and Play

The machine is supplied fully inspected and ready for use. Simply connect the
machine to the power supply and the distribution system to start work without any
additional effort.


Gearless direct drive: maximum power transmission.


EasyTronic MICRO II electronic controller check and controls every function. The
display shows: working pressure, working/load hours, charge/ idle running, oil temperature.

Cooling system

Compressor cabinet pressurized by a centrifugal fan. The air flow cools a wide
combined heat exchanger which includes the compressed air aftercooler. The fan
operation is thermostatic supervised by controller which monitors the airend
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